School Repairs and Capacity

At the current rate of provincial funding there is no ability to make inroads into the TDSB’s $4 billion repair backlog.  Schools in Ward 7 and across the GTA are suffering from disrepair and the backlog of issues is debilitating for the entire system.    As a Trustee, Robin considers the needs of students everywhere, not just in her Ward.  She will continue to push for the much needed repairs in our schools.

Schools are strained by capacity issues arising from an increase in condominium development and our ever-changing neighborhoods.  Developers do not have to contribute financially through education development charges to the school communities that they disrupt.  This is wrong.  Historically the TDSB has had little say in the dialogue about City planning.    Under Robin’s leadership the TDSB, for the first time ever, began discussions with the City to bring the TDSB, the City and the Province together to address this long overdue imbalance.