“As our Trustee for Parkdale-High Park, Robin has delivered results for our community.    Whether it’s standing up to the roll back of the Health and Physical education curriculum or the cancellation of funding to fix our schools, we can count on Robin to stand up for what is right and work on the priorities of student success, well-being and equity.

On October 22nd I will be voting for Robin Pilkey, TDSB School Trustee in Ward 7.”  Bhutila Karpoche, MPP Parkdale-High Park

“Robin has my full support in the upcoming election.  We have known each other for many years and have worked together on Parent and Ward Councils. As City Councillor for Ward 13 I have continued working with Robin by bringing City and TDSB staff together on city wide and local issues.   As a new Trustee Robin took on the challenge of TDSB Board Chair.  She approached this responsibility using her no nonsense, strong leadership and financial skills.  We need Robin as the Board Chair to continue improving the education of our children and fighting for funding to fix our schools. ”                   Sarah Doucette, City Councillor Ward 13 Parkdale-High Park

The Campaign for Public Education and Toronto & York Region Labour Council have worked together once again to coordinate endorsements of progressive voices for the Trustee positions of the TDSB, YRDSB and TCDSB.  Robin Pilkey is endorsed for Toronto District School Board, Ward 4 Parkdale – High Park.

“I was incredibly impressed, and appreciative, of your thoughtful response when I wrote to you as a first time JK registrant. I know how busy you are and yet you took the time to respond to me and help us navigate the French immersion registration system. I was really appreciate your level of thoughtfulness -both as our local trustee and also as the board chair.”
Krista Pawley-Hamilton, local resident

“I have had the opportunity to work with Robin Pilkey on several education-related topics over the past four years. I have always found Robin to be approachable, responsive, and knowledgeable. When the Board was looking into the over-crowding issue at Runnymede several years ago, which could have led to a Grade 7/8 move to another location, Robin, our Trustee, approached Council to give us a heads up, and came to a Council meeting to speak to the parents to give whatever information and assurance she could. I appreciated her being transparent in this process. Our children’s education is not something we take lightly, and we need a representative who is qualified to represent us. Robin is hardworking, passionate, and a great example of educational advocacy. She was actively involved in Parent Council (Swansea PS), and is vested in our neighbourhood. She has always been a solid supporter of ‘Fix Our Schools’. As a busy mum, she strives to keep that work/life balance we all desire. We need more strong female role models like her. On October 22nd, she has my vote.”  Dale Cadeau, Runnymede Jr. & Sr. Public School Parent, Former Chair of Parent Council