About Robin

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As one of 11 new trustees elected in the last municipal election, I am proud to serve as the Toronto District School Board Trustee for Ward 7. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with 25 years senior level accounting and tax experience. Before being elected as TDSB Trustee for Ward 7, I chaired the Ward 7 Council for a number of years in addition to parent advisory committees at Swansea Public School and Western Technical-Commercial High School.

Current TDSB Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair, TDSB Audit Committee
  • Co-Chair, French as a Second Language Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Toronto Lands Corporation Board of Directors


I am committed to achieving quality and equity of opportunity for students in Ward 7 and throughout the TDSB through financially sustainable solutions. My goal is to work with the TDSB, the City of Toronto, and the Province of Ontario to foster an education system that is responsive to the needs and challenges of a diversity of learners, and that is delivered in a financially responsible manner. Some of the critical issues facing the TDSB today are:

CAPACITY  Schools in Ward 7 and elsewhere are strained by capacity issues arising from an increase in condominium development and the implementation of full-day kindergarten. It is wrong that developers should not have to contribute financially to the communities that they disrupt, and it is wrong that the TDSB should have no voice in the dialogue about city planning. For more information on Education Development Charges and how they can help our public schools, click here.

FACILITIES  Schools in Ward 7 and across the GTA are suffering from disrepair. A plan is need that balances current and future needs, and the financial realities faced by the TDSB. Consideration of this and related issues is part of my role with the Toronto Lands Corporation.

FRENCH   French is an essential dimension of the Canadian identity. I am committed to the principle that all students should have the opportunity to enjoy high quality instruction in French regardless of the stream they choose: core, extended, or immersion.

GOVERNANCE   Trustees are public servants, who need to work in partnership with staff and local parent communities. The Ward 7 Council provides a direct channel for dialogue between parents and their Trustee. In addition, I will distribute a monthly newsletter via email to keep parents informed.

SPECIAL EDUCATION   We know that students with special needs can mature into adults who make meaningful contributions to their communities and places of work. Mainstreaming students with special needs in this spirit is a laudable goal. To be successful we need to fund every student appropriately and to support schools and parents as they work together to meet the needs of all students in the classrooms.