Policies that affect you

Long Term Program and Accommodation Strategy

Developed over the last couple of years, the TDSB took an in depth look at all of its schools: the current enrollment, the projected enrollment, the City plan, the state of the buildings, the programs being offered,  and detailed out a series of studies that could  take place over the next 10 years to meet the needs identified. These studies take a number forms and include a Program Area Review (PART) that looks at programs being offered, Emerging Capital Priority Project, which is when schools are over-utilized, Pupil Accommodation Review (PARC) for schools that are under-utilized and Boundary change studies, that are done to make a more efficient use of space. Please note this is not static document and is updated each year through consultations with Trustee’s, staff and the community.

A summary of Ward 7 specific information from the study can be downloaded here.

Charter for Active, Safe and Sustainable Transportation

The TDSB is committed to supporting safe, active and sustainable transportation for our students and staff to get to school through human-powered transportation. To this end, it passed the Charter for Active, Safe and Sustainable Transportation which commits the TDSB to invest in resources to support such transportation methods.

The TDSB’s Ecoschools program offers many ideas on how to promote such activities in your school. This includes for example, applying for installing free bicycle racks in schools. The TDSB also works with organizations such as CultureLink Settlement Services to offer the Bike-To-School program which provides students with cycling safety programs and access to bicycles.